Friday, August 24, 2007

More radio news....


San Diego’s AM 1360 is slated to change programming direction, most likely at the start of the SDSU football season. Currently known as KLSD, the station broadcasts at 1360 AM and has applied to move the transmitter to Santee and increase the power to 50,000 watts day and night (highly directional).

They also say there are plans to keep Air America programming in the market.

Whatever happens, I hope that's true. It's important they (whoever "they" end up being) will also keep a local news/talk program. It's in the public interest to have local media with a diversity of opinions. It's a democracy thing.

On a related note, tonight's Bill Moyer's Journal was about radio and media consolidation. The video and podcasts will be on the website, and it's worth checking it out. The first half was about low-power, community oriented radio. The second half was an excellent discussion with FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps on the detrimental effect media consolidation is having on public discourse in general, and more specifically, on our democracy.



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