Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday in Sunny San Diego

Whew. It's kind of warm out there! Steamroomish, even.

My goal today was to go to the Encanto Street Fair to take some photos and spend some time at the San Diego Democratic Women's Club booth, then jump on the trolley to visit Fiesta del Sol in Sherman Heights.

I didn't get to that last part. Maybe tomorrow. I started the day with a headache and the sun and humidity didn't help, so I wandered back home earlier than expected. I didn't even get any festival food other than a big glass of sweet tea. Speaking of festival food, why would anyone fry a pickle? That's just wrong.

The San Diego Democratic Women's Club co-sponsored the Democratic Party booth with the Martin Luther King Democratic Club, and they were there talking the talk and the voter registration volunteers were there too. There were several candidates and office holders there today, including Congressman Bob Filner and Sheila Jackson from the SD Unified School District Board of Education, and Todd Gloria who is running in San Diego's 3nd council district.

Yes, I have pictures. They're still on the film inside my camera. I'm tired of the crummy pictures I get with my cheap digital camera.

So I'll finish the roll
at Fiesta del Sol.*

Last week the Obama supporters brought stickers and pins to CityFest so the Democratic Party booth had them to give out. There were a thousand people walking around Hillcrest with Obama stickers on their shirts. Today a Hillary supporter showed up with buttons, stickers and tshirts. It would be good to get some Edwards goodies to the people that work the local Democratic party booths at street festivals, etc. They said they've tried but have been unsuccessful so far. That's not good.

I'll work on that....

*in honor of Bad Poetry Day.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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