Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday night ketchup blogging

Because I've been busy this week and we need to ketchup. (Mom says, I was able to entertain myself as a child too.)

Monday: Since it was Constitution Day, I joined the conference call with Glenn Greenwald and Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks, that was sponsored by ACLU Southern California's Campaign for Our Constitution. Good stuff. The discussion was about all the C's of the day. The Constitution, the Congress, capitulation and culpability. Not to mention habeus corpus. It's shocking how little resistance there has been to the erosion civil liberties throughout the Bush decade (I know, I know. It feels like a decade though.)

Greenwald supported Arlen Specter's Habeus Corpus Restoration Act S 185 and Ike Skelton's HR 2826 which intends to do the same. In his opinion, they're imperfect, but valuable steps in the right direction.

Unfortunately, there were dueling conference calls on Monday afternoon, so I missed the call with the CA Secretary of State, Debra Bowen. Luckily, Courage Campaign has the audio and transcripts. I love the Internet.

Tuesday: Work all day, insomnia all night. Woo hoo. In San Diego news, it's being reported that Denise Ducheny is considering a run for San Diego Mayor.

Wednesday: I attended the Calitics Q3 blograiser at the Firehouse American Eatery (which I heartily recommend). Very cool. Very fun. Very informative. We had a fantastic group of local activists, candidates and bloggers, and we raised a little money for the Calitics PAC via their ActBlue page.

It was a perfect occasion to socialize, have lively and intelligent conversations, and do a bit of networking. Personally, I'm a great proponent of finding the spaces where the netroots and the grassroots can meet and work together, and by that measure it was a fantastic success.

The candidates that attended the the Calitics blograiser included:

Nick Leibham, CA-50
Todd Gloria, San Diego's City Council District 3.
Steve Filson, CA-15
Mike Lumpkin, CA-52
Jim Bell, San Diego Mayor

I'm sure there's someone I'm missing. I've either shamefully forgotten, or I missed them in the mingling. We had between 25-30 great people who came to support San Diego Progressive political action. Next week, more of the same and more more more in Santa Monica and San Francisco!

Thurday: Was this the day of the Patreus/Betray-Us Attack the Messenger So You can Ignore the Message Fest? It's all a blur. I've already moved on.

Friday: In today's news, former El Cajon city councilman Charles Santos was arrested for grand theft and elder abuse of his mother. Nice.

In tomorrow's news, I'm going to clean my house. It's a disaster. Thanks for "ketching up" this fine Friday evening.

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