Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fund healthcare, not warfare

from the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice email list:

MARCH TO END THE WAR IN IRAQ Saturday, October 27 12:00 noon, Horton Plaza 4th & Broadway, San Diego

Bring the Troops Home Now! Fund Healthcare, Not Warfare! Fund the Wounded, Not the War!

The U.S. war in Iraq is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, causing untold suffering among the Iraqi people and driving millions into exile. The war has also killed over 3700 American military personnel with tens of thousands more injured. But those of us at home are also paying a huge price for this war. In no area is this more apparent than in the health care crisis facing our nation and our veterans.

At least $454 billion of our tax dollars has been spent on the war in Iraq - enough to pay for healthcare for close to 90% of the 45,000,000 million Americans who are currently without health insurance. Lack of insurance kills 18,000 Americans each year and is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S.

At the same time, the scandal at Walter Reed Hospital has shed light on the shameful treatment of injured combat veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan . The Department of Veterans Affairs walk-in clinics remain severely understaffed and unable to meet the rising demand for services. For those returning from war with PTSD and other psychological problems (approximately one-third of combat vets), the shortages are causing clinics to deny vets the individual counseling that they need.

It is time for peace and social justice activists and those fighting for universal healthcare to unite to change the twisted priorities in this country. Please join the San Diego Coalition for Peace & Justice (SDCPJ) in an historic march in San Diego to demand that our government bring our troops home now; fund universal quality health care, not war; and stop neglecting our vets.

Join with us at Horton Plaza (4th and Broadway, downtown San Diego ) at 12 noon on Saturday, October 27th, in coordination with demonstrations in Los Angeles , San Francisco , and elsewhere in the US .

We need your help to make this demonstration a success. We urge your union, or community or religious organization to endorse this call. Make and distribute your own leaflets and flyers. Consider donating funds to SDCPJ to help cover the cost of the event. Attend SDCPJ's planning meetings. Our next meeting is Monday, September 17th, 7 pm, at the First Church of the Brethren, 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego.

Bring your friends, your co-workers, members of organizations you are affiliated with, your fellow students to the march. Bring your signs, flags, and banners.

To add your organization as an endorser, or to get involved in the planning, please contact or go to
In solidarity,
San Diego Coalition for Peace & Justice
Iraq Veterans Against the War, San Diego
Vets for Peace, San Diego
Activist San Diego
Richard Barrera, SEIU United Healthcare Workers West
Guerrero Azteca
Sylvia Hampton, Health Care for All, San Diego
Affordable Housing Coalition of San Diego County
Caring Council
Green Party of San Diego County
International Socialist Organization
Supportive Parents Information Network (SPIN)
World Can't Wait
Peace Resource Center of San Diego

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