Monday, September 03, 2007

Greenwald on FISA

Glenn Greenwald posted an excellent piece on Friday regarding the Democratic capitulation on FISA.

With each new Democratic enabling event -- from the recission of habeas corpus to the approval of "enhanced interrogation techniques" to the FISA capitulation and the complete silence (at best) over the administration's increasing belligerence towards Iran -- it becomes more and more difficult to know whether the Democratic leadership is affirmatively supportive of this agenda or simply afraid to oppose it due to the political risks. Either way, on the most egregious abuses of this administration, there is little to no effective opposition, and increasingly, there is much affirmative bipartisan support for those abuses.

This. This is precisely why I am disgusted with the Democratic "leadership" right now. There are certainly more Dems in office now that will really work toward both big D and little D democratic values, but they are few and far between in the leadership. The problem isn't that the Congressional and Senate Democrats are just frightened or spineless, but that too many of them are complicit. Do you believe for one moment that DiFi votes the way she does because she's scared of being called weak or of not being re-elected? I don't. She's voting her values. She constantly acts as if she knows what's right for the country, and public opinion be damned. Over and over she accomodates the White House in their efforts to "protect" America by undermining the constitution.

Contrary to what seems to be a common thought, you can't save the constitution by destroying the constitution.

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