Thursday, October 25, 2007

Border Angels

As I mentioned earlier, in the wake of the fires, several groups are collecting emergency supplies in San Diego county. The Border Angels and several other local grassroots and humanitarian organizations are accepting food, water and other emergency relief supplies at Chicano Park that will be delivered, both to shelters and to assist those who fall outside the usual social safety nets. They collected over 100 truckloads of supplies, and several of their trips were to fields and migrant camps in the north county where workers continued their work in the fields, breathing in the smoke filled air, while residents evacuated the area. According to Enrique Morones of Border Angels, they were able to persuade some to seek safe shelter during the fires.

The park is located in Barrio Logan beneath the SD-Coronado Bay Bridge, and please feel free to join them if you'd like to help in this relief effort. According to Enrique, they'll be there this coming Saturday if you'd like to help or make a donation this weekend.

They will continue to collect supplies in Chicano Park over the next few days, despite harrassment by the bullying Minutemen who appear to have nothing better to do than attempt to disrupt relief efforts for people in need. I can't even begin to understand the mindset of those people.

My mama raised me to believe in helping people without judging their skin color, religion, politics or by asking for thier immigration status. Since it's being reported that ICE has been at Qualcomm checking papers, that's not exactly a safe place for migrants to go seek help. I'm very glad there are people in this world like Enrique Moreno, the Border Angels and their associates that will lend a hand without judgement.


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