Saturday, October 27, 2007

Donations needed!

I just received word that says the Chicano Park drop off location is facing an increasing demand for food and clothing, but the donations have dropped off significantly. They've been receiving calls from places like Potrero, Pala and Valley Center as the immediate danger is lifting, and people are beginning to ask for help in the rural areas.

The following items can be dropped off at Chicano Park on Logan Avenue under the Coronado Bridge (5 Freeway, Cesar Chavez exit) from 8 am-7 pm on Friday and Saturday:

Non-perishable food (preferably items which don’t need to be cooked)
Water / Juice
Blankets / Sleeping bags
Tents / Canopies / Tarps (for shade)
Eye drops / Face masks
Toiletries / Feminine hygiene products / First aid supplies
Sunscreen / Hats / Sunglasses
Baby products (diapers, formula, food, etc.)
Activities for children (books, games, toys, etc.)
Small- to medium-sized boxes for sorting & transporting supplies

Much-needed monetary contributions can be mailed to: Border Angels, P.O. Box 86598, San Diego, CA 92138 (please write “Fire Victims’ Relief” on the memo line).


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