Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fire in the east county

There's currently a fire burning in the east county between Potrero and Julian, it's exceedingly dry, and the winds are blowing like crazy. Stay tuned.


A major wildfire is burning in Potrero (Harris Fire). Evacuations are have been ordered west of Harris Ranch Road and east of Potrero Valley Road. Highway 94 is closed at Forest Gate. The fire has jumped 94 at the Potrero Cafe.

Structures are burning in the area. There are 300 firefighters on the scene, 3 helicopters, 2 helitankers and 5 air tankers, but thick smoke is obscuring the view for aerial support. There are also 45 engines, 2 dozers, and 5 hand crews trying to save Potrero. The fire is currently burning towards Potrero Peaks (the mobilehome park).


I just got home from an event up in La Jolla, and at some point another fire has started up near Ramona. (Witch Creek) It's smokey as hell here, and ashes were falling on us from the sky. Here's an update from the UT.

They've had trouble attacking the fires from the air because of high winds. Also, it's being reported that a firetruck was engulfed by flames in the Potrero area. I've heard conflicting reports. I heard one report that a firefighter was killed, but another report is saying the death was of a migrant hiking through the back country. There are also reports of injuries.

With 30-60 mph Santa Ana winds blowing from the east, the fire is quickly moving toward Dulzura.

The UT newsblog is publishing regular updates of the situation.



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