Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fire Information

Here are several sites where you can access San Diego County fire information and updates.

KPBS news

KPBS Twitter page with fire updates

San Diego County Emergency Fire Information

SD City Emergency Fire Information

CA State emergency info

Calitics So Cal fire updates

Phone numbers:
Irvine: 714-628-7085
Santa Clarita Evacuations: 661-295-6366
US Forest Line: 626-574-5208
Animal Evacuations: 818-991-0071
Malibu: 310-456-2489
Riverside: 909.988.3650
Buckweek, Canyon Fire: 323-881-2411
Coronado Hills Fire: 619-590-3160
Grass Valley Fire: 909-383-5688
Harris, Rice, McCoy Fire: 619-590-3160
Ranch Fire: 626-574-5208
Roca Fire: 951-940-6985
Santiago Fire: 714-573-6200
Sedgewick Fire: 805-681-5546
Slide and Witch: Fire 619-590-3160



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