Thursday, October 18, 2007

Senator Dodd to put hold on FISA

I was feeling pretty crummy about the Democratic surrender compromise deal whateverthatwas on FISA, giving immunity to the telecoms for violating the law, and allowing unlawful access to phone records without a warrant. I'm afraid it's not that they're afraid of being called Soft on Terror TM, but because they actually agree this is the right thing to do. Depressing, eh?

Then this afternoon I got a one line email from a friend that said, "Chris Dodd is putting a Senate hold on FISA."

I have to admit I got a little shiver. Wow. What a shock. I was expecting complete capitulation. My second thought was to wonder how we got to the point where when a Senator insists we uphold the rule of law I get a joyous little thrill.

I think this is now at least the third time I've asked myself why I'm not paying more attention to Dodd's campaign. We get more than enough Clinton and Obama factoids, and I'm not completely thrilled with either of them. As I've mentioned before, I do like Edwards a lot more than either of them, but even he holds several positions that make it hard for me to be 100% enthusiastic.

I wonder how much change we can really expect from any of the front runners. Who among them have seriously addressed the expanded executive powers of this administration. They've been weak, in that regard. Maybe they're hoping to hold those expanded powers themselves someday soon. I keep waiting for them to seriously address the erosion of the Constitution and civil rights, and they just don't. I find that massively disappointing, to say the least.

But then there's Dodd. Glenn Greenwald at Salon reprints a blast from the recent past. He was right in this August interview, and he was right today. Nothing else really matters if the Constitution is in shreds.

When I heard Dodd speak in San Diego at the State Democratic Convention, I thought he was great, his speech was vastly under-rated, and and he was tragically ignored by the media who were panting along behind Hillary and Obama all day long. As I listened to Dodd, I wondered, what's wrong with Dodd? Why not him?

I did a little online quiz a couple weeks ago that a friend sent in an email, where you answer a few questions and it tells you who is most aligned with your views. Dodd came in second for me, and again I thought, well, why not Dodd?

Now this, and again I'm wondering if Dodd isn't the one who's the real deal, and the candidate to support in the primary. At any rate, he's moved up several more notches in my estimation, and I truly believe he is sincere and right on this issue.

It saddens me that it even has to be an issue -- the fact that "defending the Constitution" even has to be an issue in the presidential race. - Senator Chris Dodd

Me too, Senator. Me too.

You can indicate your support for Senator Dodd right here.


Blogger Jesse Rubin said...

Hey Terry,

Ever since the CDP convention I have been asking the same thing. I met him and his staff in Des Moines and really liked the impression I got from all of them. This latest issues has done it for me. I am all about Dodd.

I am hoping this is the momentum that spring boards his campaign out of the B level of candidates.

He has done more to lead than of the other candidates. I don't get the feeling he is doing this because he is running for the White House; he is doing this because it is right. Dunno could be wrong.


10/19/2007 04:36:00 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

Hi Jesse,

I didn't realize it until I got an email from the campaign after signing the support page thingie, but Tim Tagaris is involved in Dodd's campaign. I did not know that.

I think Dodd is sincere. If not, he fakes it really well. Now that Reid has threatened to ignore Dodd's hold and move to grant telecoms amnesty, Dodd says he'll filibuster. I don't want it to come to that, but I sure as heck would watch it on CSPAN.

10/19/2007 08:16:00 PM  

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