Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday in San Diego

Hey all. Things seem to be slightly calmer overall today. The winds are not as fierce, though it's still blowing. In fact, some of the winds have switched direction and smoke that's been blowing out over the Pacific Ocean the last few days, has started to head back into town. The air quality is very bad this morning.

As I mentioned last time, KPBS is still providing regular updates (including Twitter text updates), and are be back at their regular location on the dial at 89.5. When they were knocked off the air, 94.9 gave them their signal so they could continue to broadcast. Kudos to 94.9!

KPBS also has a great Google map showing fire locations, evacuation centers, etc.

Calitics also continues to provide updates from people throughout SoCal.

Recent updates have reported the Harris fire has consumed 73,000 acres, the Witch fire has consumed 196,000 acres and the Rice fire has consumed 7500 acres, and around 1300 homes have been destroyed. Many more are damaged. There have been six deaths, and numerous injuries, and nearly a million people have been evacuated or displaced.

Evacuations today have included Fallbrook, Julian, Birch Hill near Palomar, and Valley Center.



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