Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bad Blogger Update

I've not had much to say lately.

Well...I actually always have a lot to say, but unfortunately, not the time to get it down in writing. Work, family, holidays, etc.

So here are just a couple of little things I've recently run across, and in the spirit of the holidays I'll share them with you. Lucky you!

First, Glenn Greenwald on the underdogs in the presidential race. Good points, all. As always.

Edwards, Paul and Huckabee are obviously disparate in significant ways -- ideologically, temperamentally, and otherwise. But there is a vital attribute common to those three campaigns that explains the media's scorn: they are all, in their own ways, anti-establishment candidates, meaning they are outside and critical of the system of which national journalists are a critical part, the system which employs and rewards our journalists and forms the base of their identity and outlook. Any candidate who criticizes and opposes that system -- not in piecemeal ways but fundamentally -- will be, first, ignored and, then, treated as losers by the press.

I've long thought that part of this w/r/t Edwards is because the Republicans would rather face Hillary than Edwards in the general election. They minimize and marginalize and don't treat him seriously because that would increase his visibility and popularity. If Clinton is the frontrunner, that gives them the opportunity to draw out both your basic, crazed Clinton-hater voter, AND the crazed misogynist Clinton-hater vote. It's a two-fer.


Lucas posts at San Diego Politico about the San Diego County Board of Supervisors suing Secretary of State Debra Bowen, who in her recent Top-to-Bottom review of California voting systems, had the NERVE to insist we should not vote on insecure and unsecured electronic voting machines. Wow. Just wow. Brad Blog is on the case too.


And last but not least and without further comment...


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