Saturday, December 29, 2007

Infection hits California prison system

The prisons in California have problems. Overcrowding, violence, and spiraling costs, to name a few. Now the NY Times has published an article about the valley fever epidemic in the Central Valley prisons.

In most cases, the infection starts in the lungs and is usually handled by the body without permanent damage. But serious complications can arise, including meningitis; and, at Pleasant Valley, the scope of the outbreak has left some inmates permanently disabled, confined to wheelchairs and interned in expensive long-term hospital stays.

About 80 prison employees have also contracted the fever, Pleasant Valley officials say, including a corrections officer who died of the disease in 2005.

What makes the disease all the more troubling is that its cause is literally underfoot: the spores that cause the infection reside in the region’s soil. When that soil is disturbed, something that happens regularly where houses are being built, crops are being sown and a steady wind churns, those spores are inhaled. The spores can also be kicked up by Mother Nature including earthquakes and dust storms.

Does that sound like a lawsuit waiting to happen to anyone else?

btw, I just love this professional and helpful advice from Coalinga's mayor:
“We just deal,” said Trish Hill, the city’s mayor. “You don’t do stupid things like go out on windy days or dig in the dirt.”

In other words, if you get sick, it's your own damn fault, stupid.


Blogger delang said...

I hope there is a lawsuit on calif and i hope they win it this prison mess is a money game and has been for yearss the state could help the inmate do better win they get out of prison but all this state wont to do is to throw away the keyss Ihope the three judges panel can see throw this mess

1/02/2008 01:03:00 PM  
Blogger Deltasue said...

I sure hope so too.. I think if the prisoners or the families of the prisoners filed, maybe and just maybe We the citizens of California)might wake up and say, huh wait a minute. Who are these people who want to dig in our pockets? Maybe they might figure out that just "1" prisoner digs $6000 dollars a month out them. Then how much is there medical costing?? Maybe then they can look at crime "is paying". After all we work 40hrs a week for 3 square meals a day, heat, cooling a roof over our head and all they have to do for it, is something bad enough that they have what all the rest of us work hard to get..You have to admit that they are very smart people. Most of the really smart ones are guarrenteed the rest of there lives being taken care of. See "we the california people" love picking up the bill for these things, our pockets are deep and we would rather pay for people to be bad. Sorta a reward system! We should really remame the system, (permenat retirement center) really hope the prisoners do file suits..
You know fixing the problem is just to easy. We the people vote in people who make money on our stupidity.. We deserve to pay.Dig deeper.

1/03/2008 01:32:00 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

Prison isn't a reward, and three hots and a cot is not a cushy deal. Most people want a lot more than that out of life.

Some might think "so what" if prisoners are exposed to disease...they're prisoners. Even if a person considers that to be morally and ethically fine, that neglects to consider that there are also state employees, private contractors, visitors, and a whole multitude of others that are there to do a job. Having people work in known hazardous conditions is both ethically and financially problematic.

Also, the CA prisons are already in receivership w/r/t to the provision of substandard healthcare, and this can't be helping.

I also tend to think that with the so-called "War on Drugs" filling up prisons and the serious flaws in the three strikes laws, the CA prisons are unnecessarily over-crowded. That just leads to more prison construction, more expense, and more negative impact on society. With our prison system we just keep paying more to get less.

1/05/2008 10:15:00 AM  

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