Sunday, December 02, 2007

This and that Sunday

Hi there. Here's a little bit of this and a little bit of that for your Sunday evening.

First off, I've been working with Permanent Progress on their Roll Call for Democracy website, and it's online now at It's a bit of a work in progress still, but it's coming together nicely, if I do say so myself. In addition to the campaign to take a "Roll Call" of those who support election integrity reforms, it features artwork by Kathy Peterson, aka kpete from Democratic Underground. More of her fascinating art will be online within the next few weeks too. I'll be sure to link to that when it's live because, imo it's great stuff, and deserves the attention.

Check out the site for both the campaign as well as kpete's art, and while you're there you can listen to a clip of Suzanne Erb singing the Declaration of Independence.

In weekend rumor news, I'm hearing a buzz that Blackwater performed in the SDSU/BYU football game half time show at Qualcomm Stadium last night by parachuting into the stadium and distributing Blackwater promotional items. If so, I find that pretty damn outrageous. Blackwater has been very clear that they'll be conducting a big PR campaign in San Diego in the hope of swaying public sentiment that's currently running hot against their building of a para-military training camp in Potrero. That's not a big surprise. But at the college football game? If true, SDSU really dropped the ball, judgement-wise. They're an awfully controversial organization these days in light of unjustified killings they've been accused of in Iraq, and investigations into steroid abuse and weapons smuggling, State Department investigations, and being called in front of congress for a little bit of good, old fashioned over-sight. I imagine there will be more on this story, doncha think?

The Dirty Tricksters are still collecting signatures to try and get their so-called Presidential Election Reform Act on the CA ballot in time to rig the November 2008 elections. Sheesh. If this got on the ballot and passed, we might as well just let our congresscritters do our voting for us. But it seems to me that they're having a bit of trouble collecting enough sigs since the recommended date for getting them to the Secretary of State's office was November 29. That doesn't break my heart.

Let's see....what else? ....I have a job interview this week, so send me some good jobma please. Kind of like karma, but job related.

That's about all I have to report for now. Happy Monday!

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