Monday, January 07, 2008

Iron my shirt?

Good grief. Is this a Hillary Hater gone wild or just some random attention grabbing nut? Probably a bit of both. Check out the video of Clinton taking a heckler in stride despite his interrupting her speech with the ridiculous chant, "Iron My Shirt!!"

I like her comment at the end the best:

“If there’s anybody in the audience who wants to learn to iron his own shirt, we can talk about that.”


Gotta love the story description in the url at the NY Daily News too. sexist-jamokes-disrupt-hillary

And as for all the media attention about her getting a little misty up in New Hampshire today, whatever...I don't know why people are so shocked that she's a human being.

But when I heard the comments from Edwards on the news this evening, I was taken aback. Ouch. I didn't like the implication that it means she's not tough enough. He sounded . . . mocking, not to mention sexist. Obama showed substantially more grace in acknowledging the pressures of the campaign trail. I'm surprised and disappointed in Edwards.

(Update) This day is just chockful of Clinton related entertainment! Via D-Day, more fun with Hillary, and this time it's at Chris Matthews expense. She told him he's obsessed. Bwahahaha!!!

From D-Day
To his credit, Tweety actually did show the clip on his show today. After Hillary outed him, the plaintive wail of "I'm not obsessed" sounded to me like a guy who's sewn his own Luke Skywalker in Bespin gear outfit saying he wasn't obsessed with Star Wars.

I'm highly amused.


Blogger said...

'iron my shirt.'
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it's the newest anti-hillary catch phrase!

1/08/2008 08:08:00 AM  
Blogger Terry said...

Maybe the lamest "anti-Hillary" catch phrase too.

1/08/2008 08:44:00 AM  

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