Saturday, March 15, 2008

San Diego rallys for peace

It got a little cool and windy today, but the threatened thunderstorms held off so we had a dry afternoon for our rally and march in memorial of the five year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

I'm terrible at headcounts, but according to Frank at The OB Rag, there were about 1000 people at the rally in Teralta Park in City Heights this afternoon. I think that sounds about right. The crowd wasn't enormous, but they were noisy, enthusiastic and strong in their opposition to the official US policy in Iraq. I took my camera but didn't stop to get the film developed on the way home. I'll have some pictures later. My digital camera is sick.

I'm glad I got to see Gore Vidal. He said he's not endorsing either Clinton or Obama because he'll be pleased if either of them win the November election. Me too. I think we'd agree that either one of them would be a damn sight better than John McBush and his 100 year war.

The main theme and focus of the rally was the obscene amount of money that we're spending in Iraq while the economy suffers, people go without basic healthcare, infant mortality rises, and schools are closed due to a lack of money. Our national priorities have been flipped on their heads as we spend $275 million every single day in Iraq. Honest to Pete, if that doesn't boggle your mind, you are completely unboggleable.

More later...with pix.


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