Thursday, April 10, 2008

..and speaking of more and better

D-Day writes about an event he co-hosted for Darcy Burner, another Charter member of the More and Better Democrats Club.

Burner wrote The Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq which has been endorsed by fifty congressional candidates. The intent of the plan is comprehensive and well considered, and lays out the following goals:

1. End U.S. Military Action in Iraq
2. Use U.S. diplomatic power
3. Address humanitarian concerns
4. Restore our Constitution
5. Restore our military
6. Restore independence to the media
7. Create a new, U.S.-centered energy policy

It's worth reading the PDF.

What I like about this is the potential power of a block of new congresscritters, all dedicated to ending the war and meeting the above stated goals. It does my heart good.

If you want to support future Congresswoman Burner feel free to visit Act Blue.


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