Friday, November 28, 2008

The terryfaceplace plan for a mo' better holiday season.

Hey, kids. I hope you all had a happy and filling Thanksgiving. In honor of Black Friday and the fact that I'm not going anywhere near a mall today, here are terryfaceplace suggestions for holiday gifting.

First off, we all have plenty of stuff. I'm on an anti-stuff mission.

Pardon my notable and significant exceptions in the case of music and books. And clothes. Well, and shoes.

And yarn.

Anyway, my intentions are good. I just don't need another tshirt, bath gel, pair of socks or any knick-knacks whatsoever. I bet you don't either. So my first proposal to my family is to do the name-drawing thing, but with a twist. Instead of buying something for the person who's name you drew, you can either do something or make something for your giftee. Voila! Less stuff, more fun, more meaning. It lets the kids in the family participate in the spirit of giving on a different level than usual too.

There it is. The terryfaceplace plan for a mo' better holiday season.

Now, if you must buy stuff, you still don't have to brave the marauding hordes at the mall. I have two options to the right...No Sweat and Powells. Shop there. Support me. Easy. I have a particular soft spot in my heart for No Sweat where you can buy union made, sweat shop free clothing from the comfort of your living room.

I also love for unique, handmade gifts. It's like ebay for artsy set. I really like the idea of buying directly from the person who creates the items because it allows people to make a living making things, and they can offer their goods at a fair market price without someone in the middle who takes a share. Plus the stuff they sell is interesting and unique. It's a very cool site to browse.

That's all for now because I need to get moving if I'm going to get to a bargain matinée of Milk this afternoon.

(edit!) How could I forget iGive. If you do any online shopping, check out iGive. They'll donate a percentage of your purchase to the cause of your choice.


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3/10/2009 08:01:00 AM  
Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Hey, Terry, have you quit blogging? I hope not, your place was a little burst of goodness in blogtopia!

6/07/2009 02:21:00 PM  
Blogger Terry said...'re too kind. I guess I have quit. That wasn't really the intention, but it seems to be what's happened. Funny you mention it though because I was just thinking about blogging this morning and wondering if I had anything worth saying right now. For a while I didn't have the time or the mental energy. I have more time now....the mental energy part - I'm less sure about that.

6/07/2009 05:37:00 PM  

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