Sunday, December 31, 2006

William Rivers Pitt on the execution of Saddam

My cell phone has been buzzing with regularity all day, alerting me to the arrival of text messages from my conservative friends. "Saddam is dead woohoo" reads the latest one, and that pretty much describes all the others. Somehow, a lot of people are finding meaning or gratification in the fact that Hussein met his fate at the end of a rope Saturday morning.

I just can't get there. A portion of my ambivalence derives from my basic objections to the death penalty itself. My opposition to state-sponsored executions is not grounded in softhearted ideals, sympathy for the condemned, or the tenets of Catholic morality I learned as a child, but in the simple fact that death is an easy out. Justice is better delivered to the fiends of the world not by taking their lives, but by extending and prolonging their lives in absolute confinement.

The more brutal the crime, I believe, the greater is the imperative to ensure long life. Let them stew in their wretched state; let them stare at gray walls for decades in contemplation of what they did; let them face the awful truth that tomorrow will be as grim as yesterday, and that the sun no longer shines for them. I wish Timothy McVeigh were alive today, wreathed in steel bars and drowning in an ocean of time. So it is with Hussein, damned murderer of thousands, who yesterday morning was gifted freedom he did not deserve.

U.S. military deaths in Iraq reach 3,000

On Jan 1 at 4pm there will be a candle light vigil in Balboa Park at Park and Presidents Way. The San Diego Veterans for Peace will set up a memorial, and read the names of the service members that have died.

from my email....

Joining other peace groups to memorialized the 3,000 deaths, Veterans For Peace will hold a candlelight vigil in Balboa Park, across from Balboa Navy Hospital. The vigil starts at 4PM New Years day, January 1. We ask that you bring a few candles and Dixie cups, a lighter, a jacket, and as many friends as you can muster. Veterans For Peace will have 30 lighted crosses, one for every hundred war dead in Iraq, and we ask that you to help us read the names of those killed. Please join us on this candlelight vigil.

Dave Patterson
San Diego Veterans For Peace

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Other GOP

Celebrate Global Orgasm for Peace Day

If it works, it's great. And if it doesn't work, it's great.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

We Must Prevent Permanent Bases in Iraq by David Swanson at Alternet.

Congress passed a law banning permanent bases in Iraq and the Baker-Hamilton Report suggests that Bush state we don't have long-term plans - meanwhile, construction continues.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

More smart ways to use your purchasing power for good!

Check out (Product)red to purchase goods and services from companies that are contributing a portion of their profits to buy and distribute anti-retroviral medicine to people dying of Aids in Africa.

iGive. iGive is very cool! First choose the organization you wish to support. Then just shop at the places you normal patronize by way of the links and iGive will make donations to your chosen group. It's so easy, and if you are going to shop online anyway, you might as well let iGive spread some money around on your behalf. It won't cost you anything extra.

Here are a few links for fair trade shopping:

Co-Op America

Global Exchange Fair Trade Store

Ten Thousand Villages