Sunday, January 02, 2005

Does this make anyone else as crazy as it makes me? I really don't understand how it's possible that Americans think it's ok to arrest and detain people (for life?!?!) without charging them or allowing them legal representation. Hello? I thought we didn't do that here. I thought that was one of the important measures that seperated us from non-democratic countries. I thought that would never happen here because of our laws and our constitution and our basic respect for human rights. The rule of law....remember that? You can't have democracy without an independent, impartial system of justice, and refusing that basic human right to anyone is proof to me that those in power are the one's who are the enemies of freedom. They are on the wrong side of the law.

Not to mention the fact that we would even consider building prisons in other parts of the world so they can detain those we want detained. There's a situation designed for abuse (disturbing photos, be forewarned).